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What makes a great music teacher?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Unfortunately for eager beginners, great music teachers can be difficult to find. What makes a great piano teacher, or a great guitar teacher? It is more than just musicianship: a virtuoso on the guitar or piano is not always the best teacher, and the best teachers are not always virtuosos. At Apex Music Academy, we believe in combining fundamental musical concepts with fun and relevant application of those skills. Learning basic music theory concepts such as how to build chords, scales, and use these elements to learn, create, or improvise over songs is an important element of our teaching style. Those fundamental skills can then be applied to any genre or style of music, which is where the student comes in. Getting to know the student and their musical tastes is an important part of the teacher/student relationship, making music lessons more fun as well as goal oriented. Students are encouraged to choose songs that inspire them, and that they can ultimately prepare to perform either at a recital or any other public setting. The best music teachers are able to help choose material that is not too difficult for the student, but that pushes the boundaries of their technique and musicianship.

As well as understanding how to combine repertoire with fundamentals to acheive technical growth, a great teacher also knows how to motivate and inspire students. Whether it be a young child beginner, or an adult who is revisiting an old hobby, teachers who are deeply passionate about their craft are able to instill this passion in others, at least to some extent. Playing music is something that can bring a person joy for their entire lives, and this can be made clear even in the earliest lessons with a beginner player. We as music teachers are elated that we have the chance to share our love of music with so many students, and look forward to continuing to do so at our highest ability for years to come!

If you have been thinking about trying out guitar lessons, piano lessons, or any other music lessons, head to our homepage to sign-up for your FREE SAMPLE LESSON

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