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  • Payment

    • Lessons are paid for each month in advance based on number of lesson days in a given month

    • Generally one lesson per week, $35 per half hour lesson (45 and 60 minute sessions are also available)

    • If fees are not paid by first lesson of the month, you will not receive that lesson (subject to circumstance)

    • If a client pays for lessons upfront but then disappears from contact, giving me no explanation as to where they went or why they became out of touch, We will only honor the lessons paid for up to 60 days after contact is lost with a client. After 60 days we are not required to refund or honor paid lessons if we have not heard from the client.

  • Cancellation

    • Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time to receive compensation

    • Compensation includes (preferably) scheduling a make-up lesson, or  if necessary crediting the value of the lesson to the next month of payment

    • If the agreed make-up lesson time is missed by the student, We are not obligated to give the student another make-up time, or give them a refund for the original lesson

    • If we for any reason am not able to make it to the make-up lesson, we will still honor that lesson at another time for no additional charge

    • Please make all absences known as ahead of time as possible, to allow for a better opportunity for rescheduling/less missed lessons

  • Punctuality

    • We will always do my best to be at your house at our agreed time. Going home-to-home can be tricky sometimes with traffic, and if we are ever going to be more than 5 minutes late we will call and let you know

    • If we arrive at a student’s home and they are not home, we will always try to call and text first. If we do not hear back within fifteen minutes, we usually do not stay.

  • Children

    • Parents should be actively involved in the learning of students in elementary grades or younger

    • Students 14 or younger should not be left unaccompanied by an adult

    • No students under the age of 5 

  • Practice/Expectations

    • Our teaching style changes with what the student/parents are trying to get out off my instruction

    • There are no required materials, although we will make strong suggestions of relevant materials based on the students ability/style of playing

    • Beginners should strive to play their instrument every day, for at least 20 minutes; however any student who can and enjoys practicing more should do so

    • As stated earlier, parents should be actively involved in the practicing of elementary grade students

    • “A student will only get out of their instrument what they put into it” 

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